Carrots and Suffering: A D&D Odyssey

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# Carrots and Suffering: A D&D Odyssey **An actual play intrigue campaign podcast featuring D&D 5th edition, by 4 friends from Portland Oregon** The ancient kingdom of Fenrir, blessed with prosperity from the queen of fairy for a millennia, has fallen. The once bountiful forests are teeming now with thorns and monsters. Each prick of the brambles' poison turns man into beast, one drop at a time. For over a lifetime now, the kingdom has struggled to remain alive under constant siege from without and from within. Three little maidens from finishing school, trained in the arts of dinner etiquette, with a touch of magic and steel, gather their wits and step into the cutthroat world of adulthood. Join Sylpha Lunari, the bookish but courtly wizard with moth-like features; Sable Mirkwood, the young and naive druid whose very touch sickens like the flesh of a poison frog; and Jaelen, the trained but idealistic assassin, whose skin shifts like the chameleon with her every emotion. Tag along with our heroes as they enter a world of intrigue, adventure, and magic. Can they change the world they inherited, or will it change them? Notes: All the curse words; English language; Medium level of mechanical adherence; Once or twice a month posting.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 23 To Catch Your Prey

    Our heroes prepare for their next job hunting beasts in the thorns, but they aren't the only ones hunting. Jaelan discovers a secret. Sylpha studies for the fight ahead. Sable tells off the fairies. Animal facts about the octopus. Music by [Todd Ferguson, My Pet Machine on Facebook]( Logo ...


  2. Episode 22 The Steep and Thorny Way

    After the courting sessions our heroes try to prevent a war and get Ophelia to safety. Sable learns a terrible truth. Jaelan tries to end it with her boyfriend. Sylpha gets a present from her mentor. Animal facts about the Fairy Wasp. Music by [Todd Ferguson, My Pet ...


  3. Episode 21 Courting Disaster Anew

    Our heroes try to prevent a war while still getting to their dates on time. Sable finds her wayward circle member. Jaelan meets her boyfriend's family. Sylpha tries to entertain her suitor's children. Animal facts about the warthog. Music by [Todd Ferguson, My Pet Machine on Facebook]( Logo by ...


  4. Extra Summary of Episode 1-20 with Q&A

    About 5 minutes of scripted recap and 45 minutes of Q&A, where we answer audience questions. Thanks to those who participated on social media! Music by [Todd Ferguson, My Pet Machine on Facebook]( Logo by [Julie at Elaborate Flight of Fancy]( ...


  5. Episode 20 Bad Begins and Worse Remains

    Our team starts to track a rogue fairy agent and looks for a way to subvert a war while still doing their job. Sable tries to get her house under control. Jaelan and Sylpha have a library party and a sleep over. Animal facts about the Chinchilla. Music by ...