Campaign 1 (Fenrir) Episode 1: Art of Subtlety

Episode 1 March 17, 2019 00:52:52
Campaign 1 (Fenrir) Episode 1: Art of Subtlety
Carrots and Suffering: A D&D Odyssey
Campaign 1 (Fenrir) Episode 1: Art of Subtlety

Mar 17 2019 | 00:52:52


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Episode 1 of our Real Play D&D 5e podcast. Three little maids from school are hanging out in the local tavern in an attempt to get started being adults and picking up their first job, when they are hired by a local noble henchmen to visit the library. Animal facts about the shrew. Music by [Todd Ferguson, My Pet Machine on Facebook]( Logo by [Julie at Elaborate Flight of Fancy](

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