Campaign 1 (Fenrir) Episode 19: Moment of Calm

Episode 19 November 10, 2019 01:05:07
Campaign 1 (Fenrir) Episode 19: Moment of Calm
Carrots and Suffering: A D&D Odyssey
Campaign 1 (Fenrir) Episode 19: Moment of Calm

Nov 10 2019 | 01:05:07


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With two of the big three problems out of the way, our heroes are stuck in town for the night and get a little rest. Sylpha brings someone home to meet her parents, Jaelan finds out where the bodies are burried, and Sable tries to fix a bad deal. Animal facts about the assassin bug. Music by [Todd Ferguson, My Pet Machine on Facebook]( Logo by [Julie at Elaborate Flight of Fancy](

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