Campaign 2 (Astragar) Episode 56: Battle for Napeel

Episode 56 June 22, 2024 00:56:37
Campaign 2 (Astragar) Episode 56: Battle for Napeel
Carrots and Suffering: A D&D Odyssey
Campaign 2 (Astragar) Episode 56: Battle for Napeel

Jun 22 2024 | 00:56:37


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Our heroes take out the undead that plague Napeel with the help of Sharp Edge of the Pub.  Zirus gets holy.  Bulain gets crafty.  Kriden finally gets to fireball something.

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[00:00:31] Speaker A: Welcome to carrots and suffering at D and D Odyssey. I am Nate, your dungeon master. We are headed to endgame. Today is a bit closer to how I thought other cities were going to go. And if I have learned anything, it's definitely not how the last city is going to go. Onward and upward. Last time on carrots and suffering. Our heroes got back from the feywild with the location of the book. And they decide to get it, but not deliver it to the art sage. [00:00:58] Speaker B: Well, here is a new question. How dangerous is it to bring this book and this artifact within Darren's vicinity? [00:01:08] Speaker C: I feel like it's less dangerous than leaving it anywhere. [00:01:11] Speaker B: I mean, true, but something to be on our guard about. I have reservations about just handing it over to him. [00:01:17] Speaker C: Definitely. [00:01:18] Speaker D: I'm also concerned about that. [00:01:20] Speaker B: But I believe you were right, zurs. We have no business just leaving it somewhere. [00:01:24] Speaker D: Yeah, I don't know. Anywhere that would be safe. [00:01:26] Speaker A: They talk, teleport their way into the house of like freikars, the current host of Vecna, and snatch from his boyhood room the book used to summon Vecna. I'm sorry. We are still grieving. I cannot allow a church official in this house. [00:01:40] Speaker B: I want you to know that I wrote a letter on your son's behalf heading into his trial. [00:01:45] Speaker A: With that, our heroes meet the parents of Max and Dredd and learn just what kind of humans produce. The sharp edge of the pub again, towering late sixties lumberjack with a great axe walks up and says, maxine. Maxine Killington. You can call me Max. Kill. She extends this massive muscled hand. [00:02:04] Speaker B: Oh my God. [00:02:06] Speaker C: Accept the hand and give her a hearty shake. [00:02:10] Speaker A: I mean Max. Max's best friend. Millie. [00:02:13] Speaker D: What? [00:02:15] Speaker A: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, a little Millie. A little Milton. Celestial moon beam ambrosia. Yeah. [00:02:23] Speaker C: So, uh, they go by dreadnow. [00:02:26] Speaker A: Said, hey. Hey. I'm uh, I'm Jerry. Jerry Killington. Work. Work down selling. Selling carts. I'm a cart salesman. I can get you a good deal, by the way, if you need a good cart before you head out. A flowing woman. And maybe in her early sixties, she's wispy thin. She's basically wearing a silk kimono night dress from head to toe. And it's just covered in paints, stains. And she steps out and goes, oh my gosh. Visitors. Come in. Dredds dad walks over and says, nice to meet you. He does not extend a hand to shake your hand. You don't think he shakes hands? [00:03:02] Speaker D: Creedon probably did extend her hand and then slowly withdraws it. [00:03:06] Speaker A: Our heroes are reunited with Max, Dredd, and Chom, and storm off to find the leader of this undead mess. But not before running into psychic necrotic exploding shades, which does not bode well for the nature of this upcoming local area boss battle. Boulain, the one that's on you, whispers into your ear very softly. You can't quite tell what it means, but you do need to make a wisdom saving throw. [00:03:30] Speaker C: Oh, man. Little asmr shades. [00:03:36] Speaker B: Listen to me. Pluck at the bristles of this brush. [00:03:39] Speaker A: Let's get into it. Hi, I'm Nate, and I will be your dungeon master. [00:03:52] Speaker B: Hi, I'm Mandy. I play boulain, the grave domain death cleric. [00:03:55] Speaker D: Hi, I'm Credon. I play the sorcerer this time of love. My boyfriend's in trouble, and I'm gonna go fix it. [00:04:02] Speaker B: Yay. [00:04:03] Speaker C: Hi, I'm Robert. I play Zerus, the paladin. Who's protecting love this session, I guess. [00:04:10] Speaker B: Yeah. Yeah, we're all in it for love this time. It's better than in it for the gods. Doesn't it feel better? [00:04:17] Speaker C: It does. [00:04:18] Speaker D: Undead pass. Saving boyfriends win. [00:04:21] Speaker A: All right. We have to save our himbo in distress. [00:04:25] Speaker D: He's not the himbo. [00:04:26] Speaker C: I mean, I care about Max. [00:04:27] Speaker D: Okay, yes. [00:04:27] Speaker B: We can also save Max. All right. I will cast a mask here. [00:04:35] Speaker D: Wounds Creiden, wipes the drool off the corner of her mouth from her. [00:04:39] Speaker B: Stunning. I'll be like, oh, you're doing that while you're awake this time. Twelve plus eight is 20 points back for everybody. [00:04:46] Speaker D: Ooh, that's pretty nice. Still hurt, but not nearly as hurt. [00:04:51] Speaker C: How's everyone looking? [00:04:52] Speaker B: I'm still down 22 points. [00:04:54] Speaker D: Almost 2018. [00:04:55] Speaker C: I'll go ahead and I'll get you both 15 back. [00:04:58] Speaker B: Oh, lovely. [00:04:59] Speaker C: Lay on hands. [00:05:00] Speaker D: I love this new series. You know, a little while ago, you would have just robbed Dred's house. Now you're healing us. [00:05:09] Speaker C: Dredd's house still has problems. [00:05:11] Speaker A: There's nothing to steal in Dredd's house. [00:05:13] Speaker D: I mean, if they're famous artists. [00:05:14] Speaker B: They're famous artists. They are working. [00:05:15] Speaker D: Isn't that practically, like, just grab a banksy from the wall? [00:05:19] Speaker A: There's a lot of finished art to steal. [00:05:22] Speaker B: Okay, well, what will be our next move? [00:05:25] Speaker C: Well, the daylight moves with us, so let's get to where we need to go within the hour. [00:05:28] Speaker B: Yeah. All right. [00:05:29] Speaker A: You keep moving. Roll me an insight. Roll the three of you. [00:05:34] Speaker C: That's a net one. [00:05:35] Speaker B: That's a 27. [00:05:36] Speaker D: That is a 23. [00:05:38] Speaker A: Boulain and Creedon, it occurs to you what's different about these undead than the ones in Palmvell? There's two things. One, they're gathering negative energy, and it seems to be making them much more powerful. Plus, they explode when they die. That's bad thing. Two, though, is that in Palmville, everything seemed to have been given one order and didn't seem to be able to think for itself or take additional commands. These things, which fled from the sunlight also didn't seem to be able to think for themselves or make additional commands. [00:06:08] Speaker B: So there's something giving them orders. [00:06:09] Speaker A: But you do think something must be giving them orders because they didn't do this every night. [00:06:14] Speaker B: Okay. Boulain will also mention the whispering and say they are trying to turn us against each other. [00:06:19] Speaker D: We should be staying near Zerus. [00:06:21] Speaker C: Yes, stand near me. For a lot of reasons. That brings another thought to mind. But I want to discuss it after. [00:06:26] Speaker A: We deal with this cryptic survival roll, please. From everybody. [00:06:30] Speaker B: I think I. Oh, everybody. [00:06:31] Speaker C: Oh, from everyone. All right, I'm just gonna say. [00:06:33] Speaker B: Hey, Max, can you leave 23? [00:06:37] Speaker C: It's another nat. [00:06:38] Speaker A: One nice, man. Two successes to one failure. It takes you a little while to find this, but not. Not a lot of while. There is a cave. It's a small one. It looks like you might have to duck to get in it, but it opens up one once you're inside. And Dredd says, we're in the right area, and points at it. [00:06:56] Speaker B: In we go with our daylight. [00:06:57] Speaker C: It is not a concentration spell. That is nuts. Okay. [00:07:01] Speaker B: Nice. [00:07:02] Speaker A: You move into this cave. It's not very big. It reminds you of a bear cave. It smells a bit like a bear. Which is why you're not terribly surprised when an elongated, desiccated bear stands up and its big bear jaws sort of flap a little bit. And it says, welcome. [00:07:23] Speaker C: Hello. [00:07:23] Speaker D: Who are you? [00:07:24] Speaker A: Is this Vecna? [00:07:25] Speaker C: I'm Zerus. Who am I addressing? [00:07:27] Speaker A: I am a lieutenant of Vecnas. [00:07:31] Speaker D: Probably a vessel. [00:07:32] Speaker A: I would like to make a request of you. [00:07:34] Speaker B: Mm hmm. Before we fight, I mean, you can ask. [00:07:38] Speaker A: I do not wish to destroy this town. My orders are to gather the dead from the catacombs and march east. Simply open the doors. And we need not fight. [00:07:52] Speaker B: Yeah, bout that. [00:07:55] Speaker C: That's not all I'm gonna need to not fight. Where's your master? [00:08:00] Speaker A: He comes and goes inside each of us when need be. We destroy him. To send him away so that he may move to a new place. [00:08:10] Speaker C: I thought so. [00:08:11] Speaker A: I cannot answer your question. The God of secrets is a subtle one. [00:08:15] Speaker C: Would you renounce your God I am. [00:08:18] Speaker A: Made solely by him. For him to serve him, you have no choice. There is no choice. [00:08:24] Speaker C: I can be very persuasive. [00:08:28] Speaker A: Go ahead and roll me. Persuasion. [00:08:29] Speaker C: Okay. I mean, I was just. I was just being cheeky. [00:08:34] Speaker D: It had a want or it had a desire. So, you know, it might have some independence. [00:08:39] Speaker C: That's a 23. [00:08:41] Speaker A: It looks like it's about to jump you for just a moment. And the bear claws elongate. The arm stretches twice the length of the bear claw until they reach all the way down to the ground and the claws have stretched way out. And then it sort of relaxes a little bit. As much as an undead thing can relax, it gives you the impression that it's less on guard. And it says negotiations have not yet failed. You seem reasonable. [00:09:09] Speaker C: Well, depends on how zealous you are if negotiations succeed or not. Because my aim in this is for you to not serve your or any God. And that really depends on the only thing I can offer you, which is not killing you. [00:09:26] Speaker A: I was going to try to use me not killing you as the bargaining chip. [00:09:31] Speaker C: Well, seems like that puts us in an impasse right away, then. [00:09:35] Speaker A: I am sorry. Not sorry. I am disappointed that we could not come to an agreement and that this shell must be your doom. [00:09:51] Speaker C: One. One more. I completely agree. Let me say a little prayer. And actually I cast Crusaders mantle. [00:09:59] Speaker D: What does that do again? [00:10:00] Speaker C: Crusader's mantle is not gonna help you. It's a 1 minute concentration spell. Everyone within 30ft of me gets an extra d. Four radiant damage. On melee. On weapon attacks. Actually not melee, just weapon attacks. [00:10:13] Speaker A: So it helps everybody but the sorcerer. And maybe not the cleric, but Max. Dread and cham will be gods. I definitely need an initiative roll. Sure. [00:10:22] Speaker B: That's a two natural 20 for a 21. [00:10:26] Speaker D: Well, I get a 22. [00:10:31] Speaker B: Anything I can do, you can do better. I get it. [00:10:37] Speaker A: The layer action happens at initiative 20, which means before that happens, creep your first. [00:10:43] Speaker D: It just looks like a bear. Does it look like it's reacting to daylight at all? [00:10:46] Speaker A: No, it does not seem to be reacting to the daylight. It also seems much smarter than everything else you thought. [00:10:52] Speaker D: Most things tend to not like fireball, so I'm gonna go with that. [00:10:56] Speaker B: Okay. [00:10:56] Speaker A: You are in an enclosed space. [00:10:57] Speaker D: I thought that we were like a little bit away from it. [00:11:00] Speaker A: You are a little bit away from it. I'm gonna say you're about 15ft away from it, and behind it there is an open cavern, so you can toss it behind it. I will say you don't know what you're going to hit. But you can cast the fireball without hitting yourself. [00:11:13] Speaker D: I, or the party don't think that. There's probably lots of things that I care about in this cave. So, yeah, I'm gonna do that. [00:11:22] Speaker A: Now I'll tell you where all those school children went. [00:11:24] Speaker D: I was gonna say, does he have hostages back there? [00:11:27] Speaker A: No, no, no, he does. [00:11:29] Speaker B: Oh, boy. This would go dark. [00:11:30] Speaker D: It wouldn't be the first time credence actions accidentally got people killed. [00:11:34] Speaker A: Okay, nat, one's on that. Please. Go ahead and roll me your damage. [00:11:38] Speaker D: Dang, I rolled pretty good. 28 fire damage. [00:11:41] Speaker A: Okay. Damn. [00:11:43] Speaker D: That was quite good. And I mean, as far as I can tell, this is a stone cavern, so I don't think anything's gonna catch on fire, but let me know. [00:11:50] Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, there was no gas leak or anything in here? [00:11:53] Speaker D: Oh, yeah, one of those messy caves. [00:11:56] Speaker A: The fiery explosion illuminates the back of the cave, and you realize that it has this wild collection of stalactites and stalagmites casting wildly long shadows. But that seems to be the only trait that is visible just momentarily before the firelight goes out. Legendary action. A claw elongates even further, stretching 15ft across the cavern in order to swipe at Zerus. 15. Does 15 hit your ac? [00:12:25] Speaker C: No, 21 is my ac. [00:12:27] Speaker A: Okay? A claw scrapes against the front of your armor and you see like, sparks of this soaked up negative energy that has sort of infused this creature. But he doesn't hit you. And that brings us to Boulain. [00:12:41] Speaker B: She's gonna use her second channel, divinity for the day and it's path to the grave. The next time something hits it, he is vulnerable to all of the attacks. Damage. [00:12:51] Speaker A: Okay, on layer action 20. The lighting changes. Your daylight is still providing a lot of power. It goes from bright to dim, so the lights turn down a notch. [00:13:01] Speaker C: All right. [00:13:02] Speaker A: Dim light typically means you'd have disadvantage for most things, but if you're near Zerus, it's still bright enough for you to see this guy, as long as he stays where he currently is. Claw again stretches out and is going to swipe this time at Boulain. Yeah. 20. Seven's gonna hit. [00:13:19] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:13:19] Speaker A: 20. Damage. [00:13:21] Speaker B: God damn. These things have to hit so hard. Why does he's gotta hit so damn hard? [00:13:27] Speaker A: You are grabbed and pulled 15ft up to his chest. [00:13:31] Speaker B: Ew. [00:13:31] Speaker A: Where he wraps his other claw around you in a very cuddly gesture. [00:13:35] Speaker D: Oh, that's not good. [00:13:38] Speaker B: Yeah, I'm not liking that at all. [00:13:40] Speaker A: That is gonna bring us to Zerus. [00:13:42] Speaker B: Get him, Zerus. Get him with the full, full blown attack of whatever you do with the extra damage. [00:13:48] Speaker D: Is it double damage? [00:13:50] Speaker B: It's double damage. Yeah. [00:13:52] Speaker C: In that case, yeah, we're just gonna step up and try to whale. Good news. I think we hit. We got a 26 that super hits. I will smite. I will assume that you are undead. I'm gonna smite at level two, which is gonna be four d eight s. Okay, 20 radiant, seven non magical slashing. But the 20 radiant should help you. [00:14:18] Speaker A: Cleave through this sucker. Huge chunks of bear hide to just go flying in all directions as this sort of mummified, anthropomorphized, shifted bear creature is nearly cleaved in half, but is still holding together. Sweet. [00:14:34] Speaker C: Second attack. Okay, sorry. I'm gathering. [00:14:37] Speaker D: I love hearing all the dice. [00:14:38] Speaker B: Yeah, it's a reassuring amount of dice. [00:14:42] Speaker C: Ah, it's not a reassuring amount of dice. When you hit an ac of eleven. [00:14:46] Speaker A: That's gonna miss. [00:14:48] Speaker C: Yep. Okay, that's my turn. [00:14:49] Speaker A: Pity. I was saving this. [00:14:52] Speaker D: Uh oh. [00:14:52] Speaker A: And then the shadowy energy that it has been holding inside of itself explodes through the room. [00:14:59] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:15:00] Speaker A: Constitution saving throws from everybody. [00:15:03] Speaker B: Oh, God. [00:15:04] Speaker D: Oh, and Boulain's out of range of the thingy. [00:15:06] Speaker A: It's not a spell. [00:15:08] Speaker C: Well, that's sad. Constitution saving throw is a 20. [00:15:12] Speaker D: Plus four. But I got a 16. Hopefully that's good. [00:15:15] Speaker B: Plus four. Okay, so I got an eleven. Yikes. [00:15:18] Speaker A: Yeah, Mandy. Boulain takes 34. Necrotic damage. [00:15:21] Speaker B: Oh, my God. Why are you trying to kill me? [00:15:24] Speaker A: How did you do that? [00:15:25] Speaker D: I mean, did it just blow itself up? I got a 16. [00:15:28] Speaker B: Oh, my God. I have to, like, get a calculator for this because I'm not sure I'm gonna. [00:15:32] Speaker D: I have my phone. [00:15:33] Speaker B: Calculator takes 17. [00:15:35] Speaker A: Necrotic damage. Zerus, how was your save? [00:15:38] Speaker C: 20. [00:15:39] Speaker A: You're fine. You're not fine. Fine. Take 17. More necrotic damage. [00:15:42] Speaker C: You got it. [00:15:43] Speaker A: Negative energy just explodes. This sort of wave of purples, greens, sort of lightning strips through the whole cavern. The cavern gets kind of darker, and when the lights come back up to their dim level, he's not standing there anymore. Which brings us to our NPC's who all roll perception checks should the hunters. [00:16:06] Speaker B: Does that mean boulain gets dropped? [00:16:07] Speaker A: You're just lying there on the floor now? Yeah. [00:16:09] Speaker B: She's not looking good, y'all. She's looking pretty near death, I imagine. [00:16:14] Speaker A: You see Dredd go over there. And he points to the clear back of the cave and immediately fires two shots off. [00:16:21] Speaker C: Is it 30ft. [00:16:23] Speaker D: I figured. [00:16:25] Speaker A: So he shoots something back in the darkness. Y'all can't see it, but he hits it. Max runs into that location and starts swinging wildly, his axe glowing with radiant power. Reckless swing number one is going to hit. Reckless swing number two is going to crit. Max swings it. Chomko's running up and can't seem to find what they're fighting. [00:16:44] Speaker D: Cretan, can I run up to cham and just cast light on his armor or something? [00:16:49] Speaker A: Yeah. So you sprint across this cavern, get to chom, cast light on him. [00:16:54] Speaker B: Please. [00:16:54] Speaker A: Give me. Let's make it a charisma spell. Attack roll. Oh. [00:17:00] Speaker D: 20. Dirty. [00:17:01] Speaker A: Your spell works. The light kicks off. It seems to be at full power for now. [00:17:06] Speaker D: Did it normally? Light just does it doesn't it? Was this, like. Was there a weird effect that I could sense? [00:17:12] Speaker A: I will remind you that back at initiative 20, the lighting supernaturally dimmed. [00:17:17] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. [00:17:18] Speaker A: You appear to have temporarily overpowered that. [00:17:21] Speaker B: Cool. [00:17:21] Speaker A: Go ahead and roll me a perception check as you're standing over by Chom. [00:17:24] Speaker D: Yeah, sure. That is an eleven. [00:17:27] Speaker A: You can't see what they're swinging at. They're swinging into a patch of darkness behind a stalactite bulain from a shadow. A claw reaches out and snacks. Snacks slaps Max pretty hard. [00:17:41] Speaker B: Now, Boulain, she's going to touch the raven on her chest and she's going to cast guardian of faith. And if she can't see this thing, she's going to cast it in the area where Chom and Max are. [00:17:50] Speaker A: All right. What does a large spectral guardian look like when you. When you cast it? [00:17:55] Speaker B: Much like her spiritual weapon, it is in the form of a raven, but it's bigger and brighter and scarier. [00:18:01] Speaker A: It's giving off like a moonlight glow to it. That is helping. [00:18:05] Speaker B: It's a Dex save. 16 is the DC. [00:18:08] Speaker A: He takes 20 damage for that delightful failure. [00:18:11] Speaker B: Yes. [00:18:12] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:18:13] Speaker A: Claws reach out and snap at max, hitting him again. [00:18:17] Speaker D: How are our buddies doing? [00:18:19] Speaker B: Yeah, how are they looking? [00:18:20] Speaker A: Well, Max has taken 74 damage. [00:18:22] Speaker B: Oh, my God. [00:18:23] Speaker A: So let's say bad and dread has taken 35. He's also in bad shape. No, Chom has taken 35 and he's in pretty good shape. [00:18:35] Speaker B: How much does Zurus taken? [00:18:37] Speaker C: I'm at 62 of 84. 22. [00:18:41] Speaker D: I do have two potions of healing. [00:18:43] Speaker A: Which brings us to the layer action. Lights dim, further creation. Your light goes out completely, man. Xeris, your light doesn't dim any further. That's as far as I can go. [00:18:54] Speaker C: All right, Zerus, it's your turn. [00:18:56] Speaker B: Is there still moonlight coming on it from the. There is. Okay, great. [00:19:01] Speaker A: Yeah, it can't dispel the guardian of faith. It's too high level. [00:19:04] Speaker D: Quick question. Do we. Do we think that this is just, like, one of the lieutenants menacing this area, or do we think this is, like, the head concho? [00:19:12] Speaker C: I think this is the lieutenant menacing the area. [00:19:15] Speaker B: I mean, what Dredd told us was there were five of the weird shadow things that attacked us outside. I think this is the thing controlling those guys. [00:19:24] Speaker D: Okay, that tells. I thought that we were going to have to fight more of these guys. So this tells me to pull up my stops. [00:19:28] Speaker B: Cool. [00:19:29] Speaker C: First question. Can I see it? [00:19:31] Speaker A: Yes, you can see it. [00:19:32] Speaker C: Come up and join, my friends. I will swear a vow of enmity against it. Vecna and all his sworn lieutenants must die. And that starts with you. You 21 to hit. That hits first level smite. That is 13 non magical slashing. And 1011 15 radiant. Okay, that's a natural 20. [00:19:59] Speaker A: That's gross. [00:20:00] Speaker C: That is twelve non magical slashing. 1416 radiant. An additional four non magical slashing, and 20 radiant. [00:20:11] Speaker A: Okay, he's not looking good. I mean, he was always an undead bear, but he's gonna see if his negative energy burst recharges. [00:20:20] Speaker B: No, no, no. It absolutely does not. [00:20:23] Speaker A: It does. [00:20:24] Speaker D: No, no. God. [00:20:28] Speaker B: Literally, I think this is taking Boulain down. Probably. [00:20:32] Speaker A: The good news is it can't reach you. Boulaine. [00:20:35] Speaker B: Oh, good. [00:20:35] Speaker A: He teleported to the back of the cave, and the only people who ran after him were Zerus, Max Chom, and Crete. So I need con saves from them. [00:20:46] Speaker C: And you get plus four because we're all clustered up around him like me. My eight fuck is a 14? [00:20:53] Speaker D: That's a nine. Oh, no, I rolled a two. Yeah, I'm rolling lots of twos tonight. [00:20:58] Speaker A: Okay, 14 is good enough, so, Zerus, please take 17 damage. Creedon, that was not good enough. Please take 34 damage. [00:21:07] Speaker B: Is she down? [00:21:08] Speaker D: No. I add 50. [00:21:10] Speaker A: Max goes down. [00:21:12] Speaker D: No. [00:21:13] Speaker A: Charm is looking real bad now, but at least he can see the guy. Or at least he could, because when the darkness comes back up, he's teleported somewhere else again. That brings us to our NPC's dread, who is back by boulain rolls perception, spins around in a circle and fires. Oh, dread. How anticlimactic. Thank you, Dredd. Dredd puts a crossbow bullet in between its eyeballs. You see, back in the entrance where you had come in was where he teleported to. And the bear creature just sort of collapses. [00:21:51] Speaker C: Anticlimactic. That's very cinematic. Very good. On dread, we see him spin 180. [00:21:57] Speaker B: And just no terror. If it's anticlimactic, we just survived. [00:22:01] Speaker D: I was straight up looking at like druid spells to think about using my green man boot. [00:22:07] Speaker C: I immediately heal max for 19 points of damage with lay on hands. [00:22:11] Speaker B: Yeah, I will do my 2nd 5th level spell and cast mass here. Wounds or 20 hit points back for everybody. [00:22:26] Speaker A: Hello, listeners, it's me, vana Ulare. The ghost of youthful beauty. The silver thread refers to the line that connects the soul to the body or the mortal realm to the realm of the dead and divine. We took this moniker because we preserved the balance created by the empire's first prophet, astragarian contessa. That balance is the power arrangement between the gods and the mortals. And we have taken on mortal guise forever barring ourselves from divine realm in pursuit of this balance. It's not a perfect metaphor, but dairn fancies himself a poet and came up with it. Eternal cycle. God of time was the first to predict the next upheaval. And he let word slip to baba yang. She brought word to me that again mortals would learn of the nature of the divine and again they would choose the future. When the green man's prophecy fell to earth, we had already found our champions and steered them. We wanted them to be the ones to learn the truth and to choose the future. But how do you choose someone to change the world? Let me ask you a question. What does it feel like to be right? You might say it feels good. Now, what does it feel like to be wrong? No, you're incorrect. What you just said, that's what it felt like to discover you were wrong. But you were wrong well before that moment. Correct. What did that feel like? It felt exactly like being right. And that is what righteousness is. It is a feeling we can all get addicted to this feeling and seek to preserve it in the face of all odds. Because the alternative is pain. For mortals, righteousness is a flaw. An irrational desire in the belief of right to the exclusion of the very nature of what it means to be mortal and human. But to a God, righteousness is the conviction one needs to represent a concept to take on certainty and to rule the universe. We did not go looking for the wise, the temperate, the measured. No, we went looking for the righteous, the unwavering and the uncompromising. And that is why we found the dark arbiters. They have the power required, the certainty and the hubris to choose a path for the world to take. They have the makings of a God. And just like the gods are capable of pushing good and evil to its most extreme heights, challenge after challenge. I chose Bulayne Kulaima, whose soul is much like the one I had in life. Baba Yang chose several people. But in the end, only cretan survived and was propelled into ancient forgotten packs of power. I'm curious if you can guess who chose Zerus best. Not to spoil the surprise, but I can tell you it wasn't. Darn. But the point of this story is a different one. A simple one. Gods need champions, and they choose those people cast in the image of themselves. Singular in purpose, righteous in emotion. You might call them wise, but in truth, the wise rarely change the world. Perhaps someday I will be wrong. But today is not that day. For the world belongs now to the dark arbiters. You folks have defeated some sort of reanimated cave bear. Gifted undead intelligence, capable of commanding the local battalion of raised dead. When Max says. All right, so I'm pretty sure the next goal here is to collapse the catacombs. [00:27:14] Speaker B: Yes, that is probably the best thing we could do there. But understand that once we collapse the catacombs, some of those undead are still going to get out. [00:27:26] Speaker D: Well, this village has shown that it can take care of itself. [00:27:30] Speaker B: What is the best way to collapse the catacombs? I have only ever built them. [00:27:34] Speaker A: Dredd says catacombs are typically constructed with support arches. [00:27:40] Speaker D: Are they made of wood? [00:27:42] Speaker A: Typically, yeah. Typically they're made of stone. But when you first build them, they're made of wood. So there might be one made of wood. Are they weak to fireball the wood ones? [00:27:56] Speaker D: Yeah, I can help with that. [00:27:58] Speaker B: I could use my stone shaped spell to just remove a couple of the keystones. But I cannot do that to all of them. [00:28:07] Speaker A: Ulan, go ahead and roll me a history roll. [00:28:10] Speaker B: A history roll? [00:28:11] Speaker A: Yes, you have advantage because it's history of catacomb design that we're specifically looking at. [00:28:17] Speaker B: That is a twelve. [00:28:19] Speaker A: You're expecting four load supporting archways? [00:28:23] Speaker D: We leveled up and I took the fifth level spell wall of stone and I was like, this is going to be handy now, except we need to destroy stone, not make more of it. So I think it's actually the exact wrong tool for the job. [00:28:37] Speaker C: I think it has use if we need to support the ceiling above us while we take out supports. [00:28:44] Speaker D: That's true. [00:28:45] Speaker B: I was thinking we would get on top of the building and take out the keystones from the roof. [00:28:50] Speaker C: Is there a roof we can use. [00:28:52] Speaker A: It has an earthen cover so you'd have to do some digging. [00:28:55] Speaker B: Is that a problem? [00:28:56] Speaker A: I mean, you have to tell me. You're going to be digging through 6ft of forest clay. [00:29:01] Speaker C: Oh, 6ft? [00:29:02] Speaker B: Max can do that? [00:29:04] Speaker C: That doesn't sound so bad. [00:29:05] Speaker B: Max. Chom and Zurus can all do that. No Pr. And Max's mom, he's around, right? [00:29:10] Speaker D: I can summon a pony. [00:29:12] Speaker A: Helpful. [00:29:15] Speaker C: Pony dig. [00:29:17] Speaker B: I can do an insect plague on things. [00:29:22] Speaker D: I can polymorph you into a badger. Or maybe a mole. [00:29:27] Speaker B: I don't have movers. [00:29:29] Speaker A: Dread says we've noticed a lot of specialized units. It's likely that inside the catacombs there will be at least two types. Shadows and skeletons. Maybe some ghouls. [00:29:46] Speaker D: Those shadows were no fun. [00:29:48] Speaker A: Or some zombies. I haven't seen zombies since Palmville though, so I'm guessing ghouls. The earthen barrier is possibly what's keeping the shadows from escaping right now. So we would have to fight shadows while we destroy it. [00:30:02] Speaker D: Even if we dig down, use dark green man boots. [00:30:06] Speaker B: Too bad we do not have our friend Devi a stick. [00:30:09] Speaker A: Nope. [00:30:10] Speaker C: Right now I have nothing. [00:30:12] Speaker A: Max Jimeson says so we can either dig down and break the archways causing a collapse. It'll probably take us hours per archway to dig. Or we can fight our way through the undead and break down the archways as we go, escaping back out the front door. [00:30:31] Speaker C: Yeah, it might be quicker to do the second option, just that we have to fight at each of the points. [00:30:36] Speaker B: Well, all we would be fighting from above are the shadows. Whereas if we go in there we will be fighting shadows, zombies, skeletons and ghouls. [00:30:44] Speaker D: Yeah, that last round of shadows that we fought at nearly killed us. [00:30:49] Speaker B: The shadows are no joke. But shadow, skeletons, zombies and ghouls. Sounds like even less of a joke. [00:30:56] Speaker A: Max says so does anybody have anything that could like, keep shadows at bay? Like what's the opposite of shadows? [00:31:02] Speaker C: Yeah, I used my daylight. Alrighty. I don't have any more until some rest and relaxation. [00:31:08] Speaker B: Is there a reason we could not do this? After taking having a rest? [00:31:12] Speaker C: I was getting the impression is kind of time sensitive. [00:31:16] Speaker D: We might be able to do a short rest. I wouldn't mind that. I am bleeding quite a lot. [00:31:21] Speaker C: No, I agree a short rest is an order. But I don't think we have time for anything more than that. [00:31:26] Speaker A: Max says. Well, whatever's in there is trying to get out so I mean we have until it gets out but I assume it's digging. [00:31:34] Speaker C: Oh, okay. [00:31:36] Speaker B: How many do we have? There are the six of us. Max's mother, who else? [00:31:42] Speaker C: Yeah, anyone in the town who can help would be great. [00:31:44] Speaker A: Dread says team Carver has twelve people, team chopper has eight, and team splinter has 20. [00:31:52] Speaker B: How far overhead are these keystones going to be? Has anyone been in there and seen? If we go in through the front. [00:31:59] Speaker D: Door, I guess like 6ft tall. [00:32:01] Speaker A: Boulain, you would know that these are basically five foot arches, okay? [00:32:07] Speaker B: So they're easy to reach. [00:32:10] Speaker A: They're very reachable. Yeah, no, there's not a lot of headroom in the catacombs. [00:32:13] Speaker B: Okay. [00:32:15] Speaker A: And you also would know that some of the stones are essential and some of them are not. So you don't have to, like, destroy the whole archway. [00:32:23] Speaker B: So are we agreed we're taking a short rest? Because I would like to roll some hidden. Yes, me too. [00:32:27] Speaker A: Yeah, you take a short rest. [00:32:29] Speaker B: Okay, so just to be clear, we are going to open the front doors, we are going to error our way to the back of the catacombs and start collapsing and collapse two arches from back to front. [00:32:39] Speaker C: Sounds like the plan. [00:32:40] Speaker A: So did we end up having any daylight to keep the shadows back? [00:32:43] Speaker B: No, I have some radiant energy cantrips, but. [00:32:48] Speaker A: Okay. This is going to suck. [00:32:50] Speaker B: It is going to suck unless there is a cleric in town who can do cast daylight. [00:32:54] Speaker A: We have Celestia and Serafina here. [00:32:57] Speaker D: Wait a minute. Lets take Celestia with us. Can we do that? [00:33:02] Speaker A: Make this a little easier for your planning. This is going to be a skill challenge. [00:33:06] Speaker B: Oh, I don't know that that makes it easier, but okay. [00:33:09] Speaker A: I mean, it does mean your exact skill spell selection is less relevant. [00:33:13] Speaker D: I do appreciate that. Cause I'm sitting here looking through my whole spell list. [00:33:16] Speaker C: That's right. You just wait until I try and persuade those shadows to leave us alone. [00:33:20] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm gonna use my deception on them. They're not gonna stand. [00:33:24] Speaker A: So you arrive back at the front line. Team Carver and their twelve people are guarding the entryway. About six of them are asleep and six of them are awake because they do this 24 hours. Team chopper has only about eight people left because the night shift is very dangerous. They are awake and alert. Team Splinter, which mostly operates during the day, is unconscious, basically with 20 people trying desperately to sleep. Celestia golden song, bishop of the radiant one, is trying to sleep, while Serafina Moonglow, bishop of the luminous one, is awake. And Maxine and Jerry appear to be completely non tired ever. [00:34:04] Speaker B: I'm not at all surprised. [00:34:05] Speaker D: We should ask Serafina if she has. [00:34:07] Speaker A: Daylight Serafina says, yes, Creedon, how can I help you? [00:34:11] Speaker D: Yes, we're going to be descending into the catacombs to bring them down and into this undead issue we've got. But we're going to need some help. We just fought some of them out in the woods. Things are real rough out there. Can you cast daylight? [00:34:28] Speaker A: I can. I have prepared it, although I don't usually, and my daylight is not nearly as powerful as Celestia's. But we could wake her up. [00:34:37] Speaker D: I think we should wake her up. I think there should be much rest for everyone after this. [00:34:42] Speaker B: And honestly, having two people who can cast daylight would be better than just one. Not to be morbid. [00:34:48] Speaker A: We'll see what we can do. Celestia walks over and kind of gently wakes up Serafina, and the two of them stand up. A reminder, these are local bishops. They are quite old, so they do not look like they're ready to take a physical scrap on. But you do know they are powerful spellcasters. So Seraphina says I can get a daylight orb running centered on myself. That should keep anything that comes in close. Weakened. [00:35:13] Speaker D: I say centered on Zerus. [00:35:14] Speaker B: No, it should center on her, and she should remain at the center of our party so that she's protected. We just need to stay close to. [00:35:22] Speaker D: Her because we're going to just be in, like, narrow corridors. [00:35:26] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:35:26] Speaker A: If this is the last push, we could wake up team splinter. [00:35:32] Speaker D: Yeah, we did talk about wanting to wake them up. Do we still want to do that? [00:35:35] Speaker B: Yes. [00:35:36] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:35:37] Speaker C: All right. I mean, if they'll be effective. Yeah, sure. [00:35:39] Speaker A: The call goes out. Maxine, who is the head of team splinter, just walks in the middle of them and goes, get the fuck up. And periodically they all roll out of bed because Maxine is in charge and everybody knows it. [00:35:54] Speaker B: So, creta, do you have fireball? [00:35:57] Speaker D: Yes, I do. [00:35:59] Speaker B: So we should open the door, and the first thing you should do is cast fireball into the tunnel. [00:36:03] Speaker D: Absolutely. That sounds great to me. [00:36:06] Speaker C: I just worry we're going to do our job too quickly that way, but we can certainly do that. [00:36:11] Speaker D: Oh, are you concerned that we'll collapse the entry and not be able to take out the rest of them? [00:36:16] Speaker C: If fireball's strong enough to do damage to the structure, then. Yeah, but we can see what happens. I mean, it's a good way to. [00:36:23] Speaker A: Clear the entry, too. [00:36:24] Speaker B: So the stone is not flammable, so. [00:36:27] Speaker C: It'S a blast, too. [00:36:28] Speaker D: It's not just fire. [00:36:29] Speaker B: Yeah, that's true. [00:36:30] Speaker D: It's not wall of fire. It's fireball. [00:36:34] Speaker B: Do you have fire wall? [00:36:37] Speaker D: Maybe during the daytime. [00:36:39] Speaker A: Maxine walks up and she's got all of her men ready. They're sort of bleary eyed, but they're strapping on their leather armors and pulling out their axes. And she says, all right, my boy took out their leader, so they should be, like, slow and stupid now. And Jerry says, mmm, okay, they did stop pounding on the door about 20 minutes ago. Is that relevant? [00:37:01] Speaker B: Probably. [00:37:02] Speaker D: They probably no longer have a direct purpose or orders that they're trying to follow, but they're still going to be dangerous to us. [00:37:10] Speaker B: We probably have to worry less about them being coordinated at a guess, I think. I don't know. Should I roll for that? [00:37:17] Speaker A: I mean, I don't know what information you would have to give you to let you figure that out, I guess. Insight, maybe. [00:37:23] Speaker B: Okay, one, Boulain has no idea what she's talking about. She still says it, but she has no idea what she's talking about. [00:37:32] Speaker A: You don't know, truly, if their last order is the one they're going to keep following or if they're done with orders now. [00:37:40] Speaker B: All right, but it sounds like if they stopped knocking on the door about the same time that we killed their boss, then it sounds like that's not what they're trying to do anymore. [00:37:50] Speaker A: So they're not trying to break the door down. [00:37:52] Speaker C: It would seem it's an improvement. [00:37:54] Speaker A: Max says, all right, I'll throw the door open. Creedon toss in the fireball. We cut our way to the back and then we start breaking down the archways on the way back out. Team chopper and team Carver kill anything that tries to leave. Will the doors open? [00:38:07] Speaker C: Sounds good. [00:38:08] Speaker B: All right. And to be clear, we are keeping the daylight casting clerics in the center of our party where they'll be protected. [00:38:15] Speaker D: What should our marching order be? Where should you and I? I mean, zero's in the front pretty much always, right? [00:38:21] Speaker A: We're going to. Rather than establish a marching order, we're going to describe this thematically because it's a skill challenge. So Max throws the door open and the skill challenge begins. The first thing you will notice is that the undead have left the front entryway and they have begun digging at the walls around the catacombs, tearing at the stone, basically trying to widen the tunnels outward and upward. So when you come in, they are actively clawing, mostly ineffectively, but eventually at the walls. Who would like to do something first? You need to fight your way to the back of the catacombs. [00:39:04] Speaker D: I think we had discussed me throwing a fireball first. [00:39:06] Speaker B: Yeah, I still think that's a good idea. [00:39:09] Speaker A: Creedon. An arcana roll would be appropriate. Tossing a fireball into an enclosed area doesn't sound very hard at all to me. [00:39:15] Speaker D: Well, that's a ten. [00:39:17] Speaker A: Good news. That's an easy DC. You succeed in throwing a fireball in for a quick success, I will go. [00:39:28] Speaker C: Ahead and give a rousing speech telling everyone that if they perform their jobs well and if need be, die valiantly, that everyone else will be safer for their efforts, and I will try to persuade everyone to do a better job. [00:39:44] Speaker A: All right, so this crew has been fighting for days. They're pretty tired, but they are very hardy people. I'm gonna set this at a medium difficulty. [00:39:51] Speaker C: Oh, that's not one. So 13. [00:39:53] Speaker A: Oh, no, 13 just misses. [00:39:57] Speaker B: They're like, who the fuck is this guy? [00:39:58] Speaker D: Nate, what happens if we fail? Our skill, consequences. Consequences will we have. [00:40:05] Speaker B: Boulain is going to try to organize the crew to enter the tunnels in the best logical order. Like, we're going to have the vanguard in the front, like, the good tanks in the front, spellcasters behind them, ranged weapons behind them. [00:40:21] Speaker A: I think that's a history roll. [00:40:24] Speaker D: Remembering military tactics, you are doing military. [00:40:28] Speaker A: Tactics into a standard enclosed space, which isn't too hard. You don't have too many choices. So let's say there's medium difficulty. [00:40:36] Speaker B: That's an eight. [00:40:37] Speaker D: We are so good. We're gonna be fine, guys. [00:40:41] Speaker A: So at the end of the first round, you have cleared a massive hole. Everybody begins spilling in. There's kind of a bottleneck at the front. It's not going great, but there's a lot of human bodies, mostly in the way. As you have pushed your way halfway into the catacombs, you need to go the other half. [00:40:59] Speaker D: How about this? I want to do something to fortify the person that has daylight on us. So I would like to do something like cast death word on her. [00:41:07] Speaker A: Let's go with a religion roll. [00:41:09] Speaker B: Oh, man. [00:41:10] Speaker A: Since we've already done an Arcana roll. [00:41:12] Speaker D: So many of those in this campaign, and I don't like that. Oh, my God. I rolled a four and I have plus zero. That's four. [00:41:18] Speaker A: Oh, no. [00:41:20] Speaker D: You're doing so good, everyone. [00:41:22] Speaker C: You say you have plus four and you rolled a zero. [00:41:24] Speaker D: Rolled a four, and I have plus zero to religion. I didn't pay attention in church classes, paid attention to magic classes, and only a little because I was at warlock for a while. Now I just have magic. [00:41:35] Speaker C: I was gonna say, didn't even do that. [00:41:36] Speaker D: I didn't even do that. No, I know nothing. I'm good at lying and I'm good at persuading people and batting my eyelashes. That's all I'm good at. [00:41:46] Speaker B: I'm trying to figure out if this would be useful at all. I could cast be speaking of hope on pretty much the entire party. [00:41:53] Speaker C: That seems useful. [00:41:54] Speaker A: That would be fortifying the group. I would let you make a religion roll to do that. [00:41:58] Speaker B: Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out if that's helpful. [00:42:00] Speaker A: So what's going to happen here is you would mark that spell slot off and we would have you roll to defend the group with your religion skill. [00:42:09] Speaker B: Okay. Yeah. [00:42:10] Speaker D: So since I failed my check, but I used a spell slot, did my death word work? [00:42:15] Speaker A: It did, but it didn't end up being effective. [00:42:17] Speaker D: Okay, so basically, like, they weren't attacking. [00:42:19] Speaker B: That was an 18 religion role. So I think that should be a success. [00:42:23] Speaker A: So that is a success. [00:42:24] Speaker C: Hey, what if I use divine sense to help point out threats and other issues as they come from the darkness rather than waiting for them to surprise us? [00:42:36] Speaker A: I will let you choose between religion or perception for that. [00:42:40] Speaker C: In that case, we're doing religion. That's a five. So ten total. [00:42:44] Speaker A: Okie do. Your group has reached the back of the catacombs. You started with 20 civilians. [00:42:52] Speaker B: Oh, God. Oh, no. [00:42:54] Speaker D: If we get Max's mom killed, I'll never forgive myself. [00:42:57] Speaker A: Times four is. Twelve of them are dead. [00:43:00] Speaker B: Oh, God. [00:43:01] Speaker A: You have basically eight peons left as well as your named NPC's. I will warn you, if you get through those peons, I'm coming for your named NPC's. [00:43:14] Speaker B: No. Okay, but you said that we have made it to the back of the catacombs. And we have pushed the undead ahead of us to the back of the catacombs. [00:43:22] Speaker A: They sort of scatter back into the catacombs in a lot of cases. So imagine the walls are sort of alive, but they are not in the hallway right now. [00:43:30] Speaker D: So why can't wall of stone trap them past the last doorway that we need? [00:43:34] Speaker A: You could. That might be something you do. So we're actually moving on to the next phase of our skill challenge. You need to destroy the stone archway at the back of the catacombs. [00:43:43] Speaker B: Can we first trap all the undead behind a wall of stone that Creedon puts up? [00:43:48] Speaker A: You could argue that that is how you are helping. So this is a new check. You can re roll skills you have already rolled. [00:43:55] Speaker D: I would love to do that. Arcana. I guess for wall of stone. And that'll be a fifth level spell slot. And, yeah, I'm just gonna try to, like, wall them in. [00:44:03] Speaker A: I'm gonna give you differing levels of success for this one. So you're gonna roll Arcana. I would say you can lock a lot of them in with a 15, but to get all of them, you need a 25. [00:44:14] Speaker D: 25, okay. That's literally impossible for me. So we're aiming for 15, then set your sights low. That's a 16 amidice plus four, non natural 20. [00:44:26] Speaker B: Nice. [00:44:26] Speaker A: That is essentially going to get you to a hard difficulty. You have trapped two thirds of all the skeletons out away from you. [00:44:33] Speaker C: Nicely done. [00:44:34] Speaker A: With this spell, I'm going to go ahead and count that as two successes. [00:44:37] Speaker B: Yay. I am going to make sure everyone is herded ahead of me back towards the entrance, and then I'm going to go to one of the arches, and I going to cast stone shape to remove the keystone. And then I'm going to book it to make sure it doesn't fall on me. [00:44:52] Speaker A: You have two choices here. There's the booking it to make sure it doesn't fall on you, in which case, I believe that's going to be an athletics or acrobatics roll. Or you can do the effectiveness of your spell, which would be a religion roll. [00:45:06] Speaker B: I'm going to go with the religion roll. That's a plus five versus a plus one. [00:45:10] Speaker A: Okay. Because this is your spell doing exactly what your spell does. The DC is easy. [00:45:15] Speaker B: Good. Well, I rolled a 17, plus five is 22. [00:45:18] Speaker D: All right, we're turning it around. [00:45:20] Speaker A: You easily achieve that objective. [00:45:23] Speaker B: Excellent. [00:45:24] Speaker C: I wanna. I wanna try and intimidate the undead, but I don't like that plan. [00:45:28] Speaker A: Go for it. [00:45:29] Speaker C: All right. [00:45:30] Speaker A: Sure. They're dumb as shit. So the DC is pretty hard. I'll, uh, I'll yell, the power of Christ compels you. [00:45:37] Speaker C: Yeah, I was. I was actually gonna say, um. Our father, who are in heaven, hallowed be the name, you know, liturgies to repel the undead, but intimidatingly. [00:45:47] Speaker A: Okay, let's see it. [00:45:48] Speaker C: Uh, that's a seven. Which brings us to a 15. [00:45:52] Speaker A: So you scare some of them, they back off, but not. Not all of them. And then you basically still have civilians. [00:45:58] Speaker B: Fighting as I go. I'm going to cast word of radiance, which affects all the creatures within 5ft of me. [00:46:05] Speaker A: If it succeeds, you've already ruled religion. [00:46:07] Speaker B: Mm hmm. [00:46:08] Speaker A: So I think this one is either Arcana or intimidate. [00:46:14] Speaker B: Intimidation. [00:46:15] Speaker A: You are doing intimidation. Not with your words. But with actual light energy, which is their weakness. So I'm gonna lower the DC to 15. [00:46:22] Speaker B: That's a 13. [00:46:24] Speaker C: Well, I'll tell you my plan, you tell me yours and we'll figure out which one to do. My plan is to use an attack as my skill and use smite to inflict as much damage as possible. [00:46:37] Speaker D: My stuff can be saved for the next one. [00:46:40] Speaker A: I'm not gonna have you roll an attack roll athletic, because it is a skill challenge. But athletics would be appropriate with advantage because Creighton has the ability to help. [00:46:48] Speaker C: Expanding the spell slot. Athletics is a 20. [00:46:51] Speaker A: Most of the undead were blocked off and so the collateral damage this time is limited to falling rocks. As you back up to the second archway, you realize that three people are missing. They are your unnamed NPC's, but you are down to five. [00:47:08] Speaker D: Oh, God. [00:47:09] Speaker A: You are now at the second archway. [00:47:10] Speaker B: Okay, I'm going to do my other stone shape. That's available to me and take out a keystone. [00:47:15] Speaker A: This is again, a religion role. And again, easy DC. Ten. [00:47:20] Speaker B: That's an 18. [00:47:21] Speaker C: I'm going to see if Max will help me escort everyone safely out. [00:47:25] Speaker A: Athletics would be pushing people back out. [00:47:29] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:47:30] Speaker A: Okay. You're hurting humans who want you to be in charge. So this DC is gonna be easy athletics. Ten. [00:47:38] Speaker C: I've rolled a two. That's a nine. [00:47:41] Speaker B: Oh, no. [00:47:44] Speaker C: I'm doing everything I can to make this good. [00:47:46] Speaker B: It's not. No, no, we're not. We're having very middling rolls here. [00:47:51] Speaker A: No, it's. It's a fight, Creiden. Anything up your sleeve? [00:47:54] Speaker D: I was hoping to try and use a persuasion roll to really just stroke the egos of sharp edge of the pub and be like you guys, that lodestone. You got this. You're so strong, Max. You're also pretty strong, chum. Dred, you're just brilliant. You can probably hit it with an arrow. Like hit it with your brain angle to shoot it at, to break everything. [00:48:15] Speaker A: Go ahead and give me a persuasion roll to basically coordinate more effectively these NPC's. [00:48:21] Speaker D: All right, that is a total of a 1221. [00:48:25] Speaker A: Nice. So they are friendly to you. That lowers the DC significantly, which means you beat that total by double. I'm going to go ahead and give you one extra success for that. Okay, we are three successes to one failure. What's next, Mandy? Last turn? Now that I'm thinking about it, your number was also a double success. So I'm going to go ahead and pass that to this round. Four successes to one failure. [00:48:49] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:48:49] Speaker D: Cleave rules. One success says, take a quick look. [00:48:53] Speaker B: Around, triage style, and I'm going to recognize the wounded people who need help. Help them along. [00:48:58] Speaker A: Perception or medicine. [00:48:59] Speaker B: It's a nine on the die, which is a 17. [00:49:01] Speaker A: So at this point, one more NPC does go missing. In the collapsing of the tunnels, you arrive at a third archway. This one is not actually a main archway for the main tunnel. It is a wooden archway that is an extending tunnel. So they were trying. Trying to expand to the catacombs off to the right. [00:49:19] Speaker B: Burn it. [00:49:19] Speaker D: Can I cast fireball? Do an Arcana check. [00:49:23] Speaker A: Yep, that would be a DC ten. [00:49:25] Speaker B: All right. [00:49:25] Speaker D: That is going to be an 18. [00:49:27] Speaker A: Okay, that's a success. [00:49:29] Speaker B: Yay. [00:49:29] Speaker C: With the power of my commanding persuasion, I will yell at everybody about the incoming fireball. [00:49:38] Speaker A: Like, get down, look out, high. [00:49:42] Speaker D: Yeah, I gave no warning. I just was like wood. [00:49:45] Speaker B: You sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger for a second there. Everybody get down. [00:49:50] Speaker A: Get to the chopper. So you're coordinating people so that the fireball doesn't take out any friendlies. They want this to work. But again, enclosed area, avoiding a fireball. I'm gonna sit at 15, medium difficulty. [00:50:04] Speaker B: Oh, no. [00:50:05] Speaker C: Persuasion. [00:50:06] Speaker D: Why did I forget to yell before firing my fireball? [00:50:08] Speaker C: All right, I've rolled a seven, which means it's 19. [00:50:11] Speaker A: That is a success. [00:50:13] Speaker B: Yay. [00:50:14] Speaker A: All right, the people are out of the way. The tunnel is on fire. What else you got? [00:50:18] Speaker B: I'm going to take my quarter staff and whack at the wooden arches that are on fire to, like, athletics, please. Damn it, Nate, I'm not good at that. Can I give my staff to tzuras. [00:50:30] Speaker D: To do it and help? [00:50:33] Speaker B: That's like the help here. [00:50:35] Speaker C: Set down your axe and use my staff to get rid of the wood. [00:50:42] Speaker B: All right. Come on, athletics. Oh, well, that's a ten. [00:50:48] Speaker A: Knocking down these wooden beams is not easy. I was gonna give that a medium, so that is a failure. [00:50:53] Speaker B: Oh, bummer. [00:50:53] Speaker C: I'll hack at them with my athletics. [00:50:57] Speaker A: We're gonna do another medium here. Sure. [00:51:00] Speaker C: That's eleven for an 18. [00:51:01] Speaker A: That's a success. [00:51:02] Speaker B: Can I do my word of radiance thing again? [00:51:04] Speaker A: Yeah, you could try another intimidate to keep them back. Radiant energy. DC 15. [00:51:10] Speaker B: That's a sick. [00:51:12] Speaker C: I will use abjure enemy to disrupt the undead that are. That are still harrying us like the shadows and whatnot. [00:51:22] Speaker A: Religion or intimidate? [00:51:23] Speaker C: Let's use intimidate 17. [00:51:25] Speaker A: You channel your divine power and you scare the shit out of some of them. [00:51:29] Speaker C: Be afeard. Be very afeard. [00:51:31] Speaker A: When the wooden support beams fall at this point, you collapsed a stone one in the main hall and a wooden one in the offshoot. And the lack of space causes a cave in, essentially all the way to the third archway that you were dealing with collapses. But you, we're not expecting it. You're under it. What do you do? [00:51:49] Speaker D: Run. [00:51:50] Speaker B: Run. [00:51:50] Speaker D: I hop on my broom and go. [00:51:52] Speaker C: I use athletics to help Creedon get free. [00:51:55] Speaker A: Give me an athletics roll. This is going to be hard because they're literally boulders. [00:52:00] Speaker C: That's a 25 on that one. [00:52:02] Speaker A: To help Creedon get nice, you grab Creeden and throw her out of the way of falling boulders. [00:52:08] Speaker D: You said that the other two were collapsed, right. So the wall of stone that I was maintaining, in theory, I don't need to maintain that anymore. [00:52:15] Speaker A: Yep. Correct. You can let that go. [00:52:16] Speaker D: Is it possible to do a wall of stone above us to, like, reinforce the ceiling, basically and stop it? [00:52:22] Speaker A: If you have the spell slot? [00:52:24] Speaker D: I have one fifth level spell slot left. I will not use it to telekinesis the lodestone, but I'll use it to save our base. [00:52:31] Speaker A: This is using a spell to do what the spell is intended for. So that's going to be easy. Please give me an Arcana roll. [00:52:37] Speaker D: Okay. That is a 17. [00:52:39] Speaker A: You succeed. So the way this worked is because you generated two failures on that last round. You needed to find two successes here to avoid the cave in damage, and you have done so. You now back up all the way. Your regular humans, as well as your named NPC's who are fighting for their lives spill out of the door into the main camp where they are joined by almost 20 more humans with axes who are prepared to assist you and Jerry. [00:53:12] Speaker B: Did Maxine make it? [00:53:13] Speaker A: She did. [00:53:14] Speaker B: Okay, good, good, good. [00:53:15] Speaker A: You have four more humans that can still die. [00:53:17] Speaker B: Before Maxine dies, she is named Boulaina is going to point to the door archway and say, we need to take it down. [00:53:25] Speaker A: Can roll. Persuasion, I think, would be very appropriate. These people are very eager to do some damage. I think the DC is only. [00:53:31] Speaker D: Zerris and I are both like, no, our persuasion. [00:53:33] Speaker B: Well, I got a 13. No. [00:53:36] Speaker A: Okay, that's still a success. The people start attacking. You see axes in all directions, prying at stones. The door is swarmed. What else? [00:53:47] Speaker C: Can I smite the door? [00:53:49] Speaker A: Sure. Because you're doing holy damage, you can roll religion. Otherwise an athletics would be appropriate. [00:53:54] Speaker C: I'll take the athletics again. [00:53:56] Speaker A: Okay. And if you mark off a spell slot, I will lower the DC from medium to easy. [00:54:00] Speaker C: I have marked off a spell slot, and my score is a 19. [00:54:04] Speaker A: Okay, that is a success. [00:54:06] Speaker D: Can I fireball it? [00:54:07] Speaker A: You can fireball it. It's gonna be a little bit more resistant to this than previous rolls with fireball, so I'm gonna call this a hard difficulty. Arcana roll. [00:54:15] Speaker D: Is that DC 20? [00:54:16] Speaker A: It is. [00:54:18] Speaker D: This is a fourth level fireball that I'm casting. Cause I'm out of third level slots, so. [00:54:22] Speaker A: Okay, you're gonna up cast it. I will lower it to medium. [00:54:26] Speaker D: All right. [00:54:27] Speaker A: Okay, it is a powerful fireball. [00:54:29] Speaker D: That is a 19. Okay, that is a success of cast. [00:54:33] Speaker B: Okay, I'm gonna use my last channel, divinity, for the day to destroy undead. Ooh. [00:54:38] Speaker C: Yay. [00:54:38] Speaker B: Religion. [00:54:38] Speaker A: Okay. Religion would be very appropriate for that. And again, this is a power used for the purpose of the power. That will be an easy check natural 20. That counts as two successes. [00:54:47] Speaker B: Yay. [00:54:48] Speaker D: Can I just be, like, put your backs into whatever you want and try to hive them up a little? [00:54:55] Speaker A: I think you're gonna need to command someone to do something specific. But I will allow a persuasion roll. [00:55:00] Speaker D: Maxine. [00:55:01] Speaker A: Maxine rages, and with samsonite power, grabs the massive door that was on here. Kindly roll me persuasion. [00:55:12] Speaker D: That was a 19. [00:55:13] Speaker A: You shout, get some, girl. Or whatever. [00:55:16] Speaker D: That's exactly what I shout. Get it, girl. [00:55:20] Speaker A: And she rips the door off of its hinges and throws it back. [00:55:26] Speaker D: Yeah, she does. [00:55:27] Speaker A: That was six successes and no failures. No one else dies. [00:55:30] Speaker B: Yay. [00:55:42] Speaker A: And that is our show today. Special thanks to Todd Ferguson and my pet machine for our tunes. Juliet, elaborate flight of fancy four, our logo, and you for leaving us a rating and review. And with that, our heroes have a world to save. Let's see what they decide to do on cards. And a D and D. Odyssey sa.

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